Comprehensive Plan Visual Summary

The Comprehensive Plan is one of the most important tools in the county’s land use planning. The Comprehensive Plan is used to address the constant change, evolution, and conservation of the county. The Comprehensive Plan looks toward the future and provides a roadmap for the development and preservation of the county’s most limited resource, the land itself.

The Comprehensive Plan is a guideline, it is not a codified regulation. It is mainly a policy instrument that creates a broad outline for how the county will achieve its goals in the next 20 years. The plan may also provide justification for zoning decisions with its Future Land Use Map and Character Areas. However, it serves many other purposes. The comp plan provides the community with continuity across administrations,
departments, and agencies for addressing land use issues, preventing short-term changes and sprawl. It
projects the outcome and impact of present and future development. This provides predictability and stability for businesses, developers, and others with interest in land use. The comprehensive plan also boosts economic development by providing valuable information on land use, transportation, natural resources and infrastructure for companies making location decisions.

In addition to fostering growth, the comprehensive plan may also serve as a tool against unfocused growth or excessive sprawl. It encourages re-development in declining areas. Also, through the plan the county can decide how to use or protect local resources; preserve historic buildings or areas; and strengthen sense of place by creating or preserving landscapes in line with traditional community aesthetics and character.

The process for updating the County’s Comprehensive Plan will begin with a review of the County’s Vision from the previous plan. A Community Visioning Workshop and then subsequent meetings will review the other elements of the plan. All citizens of Coweta County are invited to attend.